2023 Spring Expo - Marion, IL

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When: Mar 09, 2023 at 9:15 AM - 3:30 PM
Location: The Pavilion
1602 Sioux Dr.
Marion , IL 62234(map)

Contact: RSVP Through Form at the Bottom of the Page or Email Mary Ellen Crain (mcrain@snpartners.com)

2023 Spring Expo- Marion, IL

March 9th, 9:00am-3:30pm

2023 Spring Expo- Marion IL


Morning Classes: 9:45am-11:50am

The SNP Agronomy Tour- Colton Parchert & Patrick Shelton

  • Walk through the SNP Agronomy Research Center studies of the 2022 season. Learn about this new SNP initiative and what its discoveries can offer you and your operation!

Spring Planting Preparation- Anthony Marlett, Addison Page, & Aaron Reichert

  • Are you prepared for Spring 2023?... Is your planter? Refresh your memory of a planter startup and equipment readiness for a smooth sailing season =. This course will cover row unit wear and setup, planter maintenance, extended warranty coverage and dive deeper into the value of planter inspections.

Ops Center Groundwork- Jeana Bane & Mike Llewellyn

  • More like "Spring Clean Up"! This course will provide you with quick and easy methods to clean up your displays, Ops Center Accounts, as well as fields and boundaries. Good Data in means Good Data out! 

Optional Afternoon Classes

ExactEmerge Row Unit Overview- Colton Parchert (1:00pm-1:30pm or 1:40pm-2:10pm)

  • Discover the ins and outs of the exactemergemeter and brushbelt
  • Let's review wear items, common trouble shooting procedures, and best operating practices

Work Planning and Machine Analysis (Op Center)- Mike Llewellyn & Jeana Bane (1:00pm-1:15pm or 2:20pm-2:35pm)

  • Streamline your work setup and customize plans for each field operation in work planner
  • Analyze fuel usage, compare technology utilization, and create customized machinery reports to monitor your John Deere fleet with Machine Analyzer

Planting Prescriptions- Jeana Bane & Mike Llewellyn (1:20pm-1:35pm or 2:40pm-2:55pm)

  • Design variable rate prescriptions in minutes with OPS Center Prescription Creator

AutoPath- John Crumbaugh & Curtis Alderson (1:40pm-1:55pm or 3:00pm-3:15pm)

  • Find more accurate row guidance throughout the season with AutoPath and learn the benefits, what's required, and how to create the foundation of autonomy on your farm 

Keep your Frame, Trade your Technologies (Performance Upgrade Kits)- Paul West & Andrew Gassman (2:00pm-2:15pm or 3:20pm-3:35pm)

  • Hear from John Deere on the PUK value, what's included, and what to expect when operating the industries most advanced technologies for a fraction of the cost of a new machine. 

Setting Downforce & Uniform Emergence- Colton Parchert & Patrick Shelton (2:20pm-2:50pm or 3:00pm-3:30pm)

  • Getting this right hasn't been easy until now! Listen to Colton and Patrick provide valuable tips and tricks on setting our planter's downforce properly the first time. Uniform Emergence relies on it! 

Frame Weight Distribution- LDM David Maach (1:00pm-1:15pm or 2:20pm-2:35pm)

  • Hear from David Maach and his solution to planter pinch rows and center frame compaction

Hypro Sprayer Nozzles- Pentair Hypro Jon McLaughlin (1:20pm-1:35pm or 2:40pm-2:55pm)

  • Listen from factory experts and discover the best way to pick your prayer nozzles

John Deere Planter Fertilizer Technologies- John Deere & SNP (1:40pm-2:10pm or 3:00pm-3:30pm)

  • Discover John Deere's solution to onboard planter fertilizer ExactRate is the first integrated factory solution in the industry and is now paired with the greatest fertilizer technology ever designed; ExactShot!

Cover Crops for Conscious Farming- Montag's Harold Crawford & Mark Siepel (1:40pm-1:55pm or 3:00pm-3:15pm)

  • A solution to healthier soils, sustainable farming, improving soil aggregation, and reducing weeds all in one!

The John Deere Strip-Till Solution- Jon McLaughlin (1:00pm-1:15pm or 2:00-2:15pm)

  • The JD strip-till tool will complete compaction management, nutrient application, and seedbed preparation, all in one pass. Introducing the new ST12/16/18!

Dual Product Planter Fertilizer- SurePoint Ag's Mike Kramer (2:20pm-2:35pm)

  • Join me in Welcoming SurePoint Ag to the John Deere family providing our planters a dual product fertilizer solution! Learn more about the SurePoint products and how they may fit in to your operation

Row Cleaners and Twisters Yetter Manufacturing- Layten Peterson (1:20pm-1:35pm)

  • From start to finish, Yetter provides our planters with the best cleaners and closer in the industry. Talk with Yetter directly on how their solutions can add yields to your farm

ExactApply Sprayer Solutions- Jon McLaughlin (1:40pm-1:55pm or 3:00pm-3:15pm)

  • Providing you with three times the pulsing frequency of competitive systems. ExactApply maintains your target rate and pressure over a wide range of speeds. See it in action and ask the experts how this equates to more money in your pocket. 

Why "Y" Drops? 360 Yield Center- Lucas Helton (2:00pm-2:15pm)

  • Applying nitrogen at the right time and the right place has been nearly impossible until now. Catch what 360 Yield Center has to offer with Y Drops!

AutoTrac Vision & RowSense- Jon McLaughlin (2:20pm-2:35pm or 3:20pm-3:35pm)

  • Decrease crop damage, reduce operator fatigue, and operate at higher speeds. Intrigued? Hear how AutoTrackVision and RowSense keep your sprayers running straight and off your crop!

Fert Tanks and Fert Placement 360 Yield Center- Lucas Helton (1:00pm-1:30pm)

  • Fertilizer placement is extremely important in the ground and how its carried in your operation. Listen to 360 Yield Center's solutions to fert placement on the row and fert placement on your machine. A total solution! 

Keep Your Planter in Line! (Implement Guidance and Turn Automation)- Anthony Marlett, Addison Page & Aaron Reichert (1:00pm-1:30pm or 2:20pm-2:50pm) 

  • Learn the benefits of implement guidance and Turn Automation. Make staying online and turning around effortless and ACCURATE! 

Quick Draw Spray Tendering SurePoint Ag- Mike Kramer (3:20pm-3:30pm)

  • Interested in adding productivity and saving product all while mixing chemicals safely? Listen to the Product Experts from SurePoint Ag on QuickDraw!

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2023 Spring Expo - Marion