2025R Tractor Package Options

Customize the Mississippi Queen for your property needs! Starting at $26,395* or $313/month* 

2032R Compact Utility Tractor

Upgrade to 32 HP/220R Loader

2032R/ 220R Loader/ 60D

Add $8,100 or $96/month*

2038R Compact Utility Tractor

Upgrade to 38 HP/220R Loader

2038R/ 220R/ 60D

Add $10,100 or $120/month*

72D Autoconnect Mid-Mount Mower Deck

72" Autoconnect Mid-Mount Mower Deck


Add $900 or $11/month*

Available on 32 HP & 38 HP models

Frontier RB

6 Foot Rear Blade

Frontier RB2072
Add $1095 or $13/month*

Frontier BB

5 Foot Box Blade

Frontier BB2060
Add $1,595 or $19/month*

Frontier RC2048

5 Foot Rotary Cutter

Frontier RC2060
Add $2,695 or $32/month*

Frontier RT3049

49 Inch Tiller

Frontier RT3049
Add $2,795 or $34/month*

Mississippi Queen Tractor Package

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