4044M Tractor Package Options

Customize the Wrangler Package for your property needs! Starting at $32,995* or $378/month* 

Twin Touch Foot Pedals (Hydro Transmission)

Upgrade to Hydro Transmission

Twin Touch™ foot controls - select direction & speed with your toes

Add $1,500 or $18/month*

4052M Compact Utility Tractor

Upgrade to 52HP


Add $2,500 or $29/month*

4066M Compact Utility Tractor

Upgrade to 66HP


Add $7,000 or $81/month*

4066M Heavy Duty Compact Utility Tractor

Upgrade to a Heavy Duty

52HP & 66HP versions only

Add $8,500 or $98/month*

4044R Premium Compact Utility Tractor

Upgrade Package to a Premium Package


Add $4,300 or $


4044R Cab Compact Utility Tractor

Add a Factory Installed Cab with eHydro to a Premium Package


Add $13,300 or $153/month*

Frontier HS2001

Rear Bale Spear

Frontier HS2001
Add $595 or $8/month*

Frontier AB11E

Bale Spear

Frontier AB11E
Add $695 or $7.96/month*

Frontier RR2084

7 Foot Rear Blade

Frontier RB2084
Add $1,095 or $14/month*

Frontier AP12F

Pallet Forks

Frontier AP12F
Add $1,295 or $16/month*

Frontier BB2072

Box Blade

Frontier BB2072
Add $1,595 or $20/month*

Frontier RC2072

6 Foot Rotary Cutter

Frontier RC2072
Add $2,795 or $33/month*

John Deere MX6

6 Foot Rotary Cutter

John Deere MX6
Add $3,995 or $46/month*

Wrangler 4044M Tractor Package

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    *Offer ends May 2, 2022, or while supplies last. Some exclusions apply. See dealer for complete details.