John Deere B-Wrap

posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 in Products

What is John Deere B-Wrap? Why would should I give it a try? We'll answer these and several other questions in this post. Like what round balers are compatible and all the benefits!

What is John Deere B-Wrap?
Simply put, it is the alternative to indoor storage. B-Wrap protects your hay (and straw and crop residue) almost like it was stored indoors. Use it on your best hay, or your best hay of the day.

Benefits of B-Wrap
It sheds water and keeps out rain, snow, and limits ground moisture from damaging hay quality. The microscopic pores in the B-Wrap material let water vapor, inside the bale, escape. UV protection from the suns harsh rays. And it's easy to switch your baler back and forth between Netwrap and B-Wrap. Takes just a few minutes.

Compatible Round Baler Models
B-Wrap works on most John Deere 7-Series, and all 8-Series and 9-Series Balers equipped for Netwrap. Typically these balers just need a simple, dealer-installed, B-Wrap kit. Click here to view our inventory of used John Deere Balers.

More Info
John Deere B-Wrap is a joint development by Tama & John Deere. Visit this website for more information and possible coupons!

Barn-quality hay without the barn!