Meet the new M&R Series Walk-behind Mowers

posted on Thursday, February 7, 2019 in Products

When it comes to the controls on the new John Deere Commercial Walk-Behind mowers, your hands were what they thought of first. It’s what led them to design a control layout that your hands are really going to enjoy. The new models address primary customer needs of productivity, operator comfort, weight distribution, and ground clearance.

It’s in your hands.

From the start, the goal was simple: ergonomic controls. And so John Deere made sure that the proximity of one control to another was just right. Another consideration was hand position for minimum fatigue. All for ease of use and smooth operation.

Goodbye gear, hello hydrostatic

Both the M & R Series feature hydrostatic drive systems that provide positive reverse for more power and smoother operation. The infinite ground speed adjustments on both units enables a smoother transition from one speed to another.

Go ahead and jump.

And for sheer curb climbing ability, you just can’t beat the R Series walk-behinds. With 8 and a half inches of ground clearance and positive reverse performance, the four R Series units bring even the most daunting curbs to their knees. Improved weight distribution and position of hand controls make it easier to raise the front end of the mower during curb-climbing applications, improving ease of use and reducing operator effort.

W36M                   14.5hp                  6.5 mph               36” Deck              Recoil Starter

W48M                   14.5hp                  6.5 mph               48” Deck              Recoil Starter

W36R                    14.5hp                  7.5 mph               36” Deck              Electric Starter

W48R                    18.5hp                  7.5 mph               48” Deck              Electric Starter

W52R                    18.5hp                  7.5 mph               52” Deck              Electric Starter

W61R                    25.0hp                  7.5 mph               61” Deck              Electric Starter

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Walk Behind Mower Controls

The controls for the new M and R Series walk behind mowers were completely redesigned to enhance operator comfort.

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