New Gator Models Are Quiet, Comfortable, Roomy

posted on Tuesday, December 19, 2017 in Products

For customers who need all-day comfort with off-road travels in all season, John Deere introduces two new Gator Utility Vehicles, the XUV835 and XUV865.

The new gas-powered Gator XUV835 and diesel-powered Gator XUV865 help farmers and ranchers maximize productivity and comfort by offering the quietest cab yet, three-wide seating, and exceptional heating and air conditioning.

“The new Gator XUV models combine versatility, durability and comfort into a machine that can increase productivity in all types of conditions,” says Mark Davey, John Deere marketing manager. “It’s a workhorse that can tackle any job with features designed to save farmers time and energy.”

The 54-horsepower XUV835 and 23-horsepower XUV865 offer tight turning and optimal weight distribution for superior off-road performance. The XUV835 reaches speeds of over 45 mph and the XUV865 offers a top speed of over 30 mph. Versatility is furthered by compatibility with a full range of over 90 attachments, from snow blades to winches.

As the first units in the Gator family to have three-wide seating, the new XUV835 and XUV865 include an adjustable driver’s seat.

Available HVAC systems and pressurized cabs offer year-round weather protection, providing cooler operating conditions in the summer and heating capabilities during harsh winters. The heating feature also defrosts the windshield. Noise isolation and sound dampening features in the cab provide a quieter experience.

The new vehicles also deliver sleek styling and increased payload capacity with a versatile, durable cargo box. Combined with a towing capacity up to 2,000 lb. and 16 gallons of storage, producers can haul more.

Two more vehicles. John Deere also is offering two other new utility vehicles – the gas-powered Gator HPX615E and the diesel-powered Gator HPX815E. Both models offer four-wheel drive for improved terrain capability and superior payload, cargo capacity, towing and overall stability.

Most notably, the cargo box is one of the industry’s best, with removable sides and tailgate, a one-handed, pickup style opening, and is designed to last with durable composite construction that makes it dent, rattle, and rust-resistant. These new models handle more cargo volume, up to 16.3 cubic feet. Plus, the cargo box’s transformative features allow it to transition to a flatbed – perfect for carrying large, irregular shaped cargo.

Both new models boast sleek styling and an impressive 1,000-lb. cargo capacity, 1,300-lb. towing capacity and 1,400-lb. payload capacity.

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**As printed in The Furrow publication. December 2017 / Volume 122 / Issue 8 / Page 2 / John Deere News & Information