Norm Anderson tells us why John Deere Round Balers & B-Wrap are appealing

posted on Thursday, November 15, 2018 in Products

Anderson finds big competitive advantages with John Deere Round Balers, including B-Wrap an exclusive feature that appeals to customers focused on their cattle and feeding the best quality forage.

When it comes to round balers, Norm Anderson sees big differences between brands. “On some product lines you’ll find John Deere is this much better all around,” says Anderson, holding up his hand with thumb and index finger a few inches apart.

“But with round balers,” continues Anderson, stretching his arms out 6 feet wide, “the John Deere advantage is this much.”

Anderson, part of the sales team at Sydenstricker in Columbia, Missouri, has a unique perspective—he sold Vermeer and New Holland round balers earlier in his career.

“The John Deere round baler design is so much simpler,” he notes, “and performs so much better. If I’m demonstrating to a New Holland owner, one thing I’ll do is drive our baler sideways into a big windrow. A
John Deere round baler won’t plug. It just grabs and feeds the hay into the bale chamber. For most New Holland
owners, you do that and you’ve got a plugged baler.

“Besides the baling performance advantages, you can also show New Holland owners some great convenience
features, right on your lot. Our PTO is much easier to hook up, and our baler comes with its own special hitch pin that doesn’t hang down, dragging a wad of hay around the field.

“There’s a big difference on the back end of the baler as well. It’s much easier to load the net on our baler—a nice comfortable height compared to both New Holland and Vermeer.”

Bale wrapping is another advantage that Anderson sees with John Deere CoverEdge™ Netwrap.

“Because of CoverEdge net, you can pick out how nice John Deere bales look just driving down the road,” smiles Anderson. “I had one customer tell me that the John Deere bales looked so perfect, they reminded him of the plastic bales that came with toy round balers.”

Anderson also likes the unique features of B-Wrap. “It really does deliver barn-quality hay without the barn,” he notes. “I’ve found B-Wrap is easiest to sell to customers who really love their cows. For example, I got a cow/calf customer, husband and wife, who really pamper their cattle. They came in to talk about B-Wrap, and I had a 5 x 5 inch patch of the B-Wrap material that I stuffed into a glass and poured water on top. Water doesn’t penetrate. That ability to breathe and repel rain caught their attention. But they were concerned about the higher cost per bale with B-Wrap. I worked out a deal where we’d install the B-Wrap kit onto their John Deere Round Baler as part of a dealership training program.

“They bought a couple rolls of B-Wrap to try it out,” continues Anderson. “After that first winter, they were hooked. The hay was preserved so much better. And if you need to feed bales that are covered with sleet or frozen snow, the B-Wrap just slides right off the bale—no digging out net that’s frozen into the hay. Today this beef producer wraps all of their hay in B-Wrap. They found B-Wrap to be a great value for their cows—exceptional forage quality, less waste, easier to feed.

“B-Wrap is just one of many reasons John Deere Round Balers are so ahead of the competition—simple design, high capacity, best belts in the industry (closely spaced to limit crop loss), CoverEdge Netwrap, easy
PTO hookup, easy net loading. There’s a lot to sell,” quips Anderson.

Adapted from the October 2018 printing of The Leader: Building Dealership Success Through Shared Solutions a dealer-to-dealer John Deere publication. Originally written by Rodney Gasch.

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