How to Keep Your SNPartners 10-Year Warranty Valid

posted on Monday, September 26, 2022 in SNPartners

John Deere products have an established reputation for exhibiting high levels of quality and durability over time. As almost any owner of John Deere equipment can attest, these machines are put through the wringer on a daily basis.

An SNPartners team member works on a John Deere 3046R tractor.

By taking on difficult tasks, often in tough conditions, John Deere products are put to the test by their users.

With this in mind, signs of wear and tear are to be expected. Thankfully, when you purchase equipment from John Deere, you’re already receiving one of the top warranties in the industry.

Still, we’re all about going the extra mile at Sydenstricker Nobbe Partners. Our 10-year limited warranty* provides an additional 48 months of coverage on all new 1-4 Series tractors purchased with us. Customers who purchase a new 5E (3 cylinder) tractor from SNPartners will enjoy an additional 60 months of coverage with our 10 year warranty.

Keep reading for tips and tricks to help you ensure the continued validity of your SNPartners 10-year warranty.

1. Complete Recommended Maintenance

In order to maintain the validity of your SNPartners 10-year warranty, you must complete all of the recommended maintenance items as outlined in your machine’s operator’s manual. These repairs must be made at your own cost.

2. Keep Records of Receipts

Be sure to keep written records for any service made to your John Deere product in the event that you have your machine serviced somewhere other than any of our 26 SNPartners locations across Missouri and Illinois. It’s also necessary for you to keep receipts for parts purchased in order to complete a repair yourself.

3. Remember Your Deductible

Don’t forget: After the standard John Deere warranty expires, a $250 deductible cost is required prior to any warranty work being performed on your machine.

4. Provide Your Own Transportation

Each customer is responsible for transporting their own John Deere product(s) to the necessary SNPartners location in order for warranty work to be completed.

Ensuring the completion of the items above will help you keep your Sydenstricker Nobbe Partners 10-year warranty valid. Your SNPartners warranty is not transferable to secondary owners.

By outlasting the timeframes offered by any other competing brands, a 10-year limited warranty with Sydenstricker Nobbe Partners gives you unmatched peace of mind.

The SNPartners Warranty vs. The Competition

A graph showcases that the SNPartners beats Kubota, New Holland and Mahindra warranties.

Contact your nearest SNPartners location to learn more, or request a quote for your new John Deere product here.

*The SNPartners 10 year limited warranty refers to 10 years or 2000 total hours of Powertrain and engine warranty included with purchase of your tractor, reflecting a total of 120 months when combined with the manufacturer Powertrain Warranty provided by John Deere, or 2000 hours, whichever comes first.