Sydenstricker John Deere 75 Years

posted on Friday, November 2, 2018 in SNPartners

The Sydenstricker John Deere dealership is a 13 store John Deere dealership located in central and northeast Missouri, carrying a full line of John Deere ag and turf and commercial work site products.

Sydenstricker was started by my father, Ralph in 1944. First location at Paris Missouri, selling green paint and yellow wheels on John Deere tractors. I had quite a number of partners starting out and I joined up with Greg and Gabe Gabriel of Macon.

I've seen a lot of changes since I've been employed at Sydenstrickers for the past 19 years. We've grown to over 13 locations and the size of our equipment, the way it's changed and the complexity of it's changed a lot. Our customer base has grown and we've seen lots of new technologies and things we've never dreamed we've probably would have been involved with.

Everyone can buy a piece of equipment off of anyone. But we kind of set ourselves above anyone else. We provide better parts and service than anyone possibly can.

I believe what's made our organization successful is how we treat our customers. We work hard to go above and beyond to help our customers and keep them going as a partner in their business and helping them grow. And when they have an issue, we make that problem our problem and help them work together and solve it. We've got a workplace of over 425 employees and the culture's very diverse and that really adds to the fun and the enjoyment of the workplace. Some days are a challenge and some days are kind of an adventure, but that's what makes it exciting and different. And I think it's what keeps our employees engaged and going.

I think it's a great career really if you're a hands on type of person. It makes you feel good when you can go out there and find a bad connection on something and they're sitting there thinking you don't know how long I have messed with that before you got here.

We feel representing the John Deere line that we represent a quality product line and actually the best in the business. So that kind of sets a guideline for us with the John Deere product with its quality and innovation. We want to provide quality service and have innovative solutions for our customers as well.

Here at Sydenstrickers we worked hard to develop a good brand, not only for John Deere, but for ourselves. And so we want to be seen as someone that contributes to the community. We work hard to support our core industry, which is agriculture. So anything that we can do to support the future of that business, whether it be through county fairs, youth and 4H or FFA programs. We try to lend ourselves to be an advocate for that industry and the future of that industry.

I think the future of the John Deere and agriculture business is going to be heavily tied to innovation and technology. It's something that we've worked very hard as an organization to keep up with and I think that's going to lead our growth into the future. As how the world of agriculture adopts new technologies and landscapes to feed the world, we've going to play keep part of that understanding the data and the information that takes to do that is going to be what really becomes a large part of our business in the future.

This is a family business and both my daughters work for me and I'd hoped that this would continue on with our family business and generations to come in the future.