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  • How to deter deer

    How to deter deer

    Posted in Tips & Safety on 2/7/2018
    Many people enjoy seeing deer around the homestead, but to dedicated gardeners, deer can be a pest. The average deer eats seven pounds of food per day, and gardens can provide a prime (and expensive) buffet.

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  • Don't dehydrate this winter

    Don't dehydrate this winter

    Posted in Tips & Safety on 1/9/2018
    Dehydration seems like a summer problem, but it is common in winter weather, too. In fact, dehydration is more likely to catch you unawares in the winter because you don't notice yourself sweating.

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  • For children, grain looks like fun. It's not.

    Posted in Tips & Safety on 11/30/2017
    The safety warnings about handling grain have been so many – and have been heard for so many years – that one would think grain accidents could never happen again. And yet they do, year after year.

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  • Harvest Safety

    Posted in Tips & Safety on 9/26/2017
    Agriculture ranks among the nation's most hazardous industries. Whether you are a motorist or a farmer, make sure you do your par to make the roads safer this harvest by following a few tips.

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