Drive safely during harvest.

posted on Sunday, September 20, 2020 in Tips & Safety

Harvest is an exciting time in the countryside, but it's also a dangerous time. Farmers are under pressure to race the clock and the weather. That means long hours, stress, and heavy equipment on the road.

    When you're on the road this fall, be extra alert for loaded semis and slow-moving farm equipment. Remember that an orange triangle reflector on the back of a vehicle means it can only operate at 25 mph or less.

    Just seconds. A slow-moving vehicle (SMV) reflector must be visible from 500 feet away. Here's the scary part: at 55 mph, you are traveling at more than 80 feet per second. Traffic safety experts figure it takes at 3/4 of a second for your brain to recognize a hazard and another 3/4 of a second to get your foot from the gas to the brake, so you're left with just seconds to slow down the moment you see an SMV reflector.

    If you're the one in a slow-moving vehicle, visit for guidelines and diagrams on proper safety markings.

Bits & Pieces by Steve Werblow as printed in The Furrow Sept/Oct 2020 page 33.

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