Service Packages for Compact Tractors, Mowers, & Gators

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Compact Utility Tractor Service Packages*

$275 - 1 Series Tractors

$295 - 2000, 2R, 3000, 4000 Series Tractors

$355 - 3D, 3E, 3R, 4R, 4M Series Tractors

5 Series Utility Tractor Service Packages*

$425 - 5D, 5E, 5M, 5R, 5000 Series Tractors

1023 E

Service Includes: Replace primary air filter (1-4 Series Tractors), check the primary air filter (5 Series Tractors), change engine oil and filters, test air filter restriction indicator, check antifreeze condition and freezing point, inspect radiator hoses & clamps, pressure test cooling system, replace fuel filter & check for water in the system, check fuel lines for cracks & weathering, check battery fluid level & clean cables, adjust fan belt & check pulleys, check hydraulic & transmission oil, check MFWD drive fluid levels (if equipped), grease machine, pressure wash tractor (in-shop only).

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Residential & Commercial Mower Service Packages

$95 - Walk-Behind Mowers

$165 - Rear Engine Riders & Commercial Walk-Behinds WG, WH, WHP

$215 - S, D, E, L ,LA, LT, LX, 100, 200, S240, X300, F510, F525 Tractors & Mowers

$245 - GT, GX, 300, 400, X500 Series Garden Tractors

$265 - X575, X585, X400, & X700 Series Garden Tractors

$235 - Z200, Z400, Z500, Z600, Z700 EZtrakTM Mowers

$275 - Commercial ZtrakTM  (Z900), QuikTrak, Front Mount Mowers


Service Includes: Change engine oil & filters, change spark plug, change the air filter, check engine coolant, clean engine, battery, radiator & mower, check tire pressure & adjust deck level, lubricate tractor & mower, sharpen blades, stabilize fuel for storage, check belts & mower adjustments, check the transmission oil level, check safety system, pressure wash mower (in-shop only)

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GatorTM Service Packages

$175 - 4x2, TS, TX, & CX

$235 - 6x4, TH, HPX, XUV, S550, S560, & Diesel GatorsTM

$255 - RSX

XUV 835

Service Includes: Change engine oil & filter, replace spark plugs, replace air filters, replace fuel filter, check fluid levels, check belts, check drive clutch, adjust drive chains (6x4), check tire pressure, grease machine, check brakes, pressure wash (in-shop only)

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*Offer valid on John Deere 1-5 Series Compact Utility Tractors; Mowers; and GatorsTM. Prices do not include sales tax or service accessories. Some exclusions apply. See dealer for complete details.