Best Attachments for Your John Deere 3025E

Kennadi Harris

The renowned John Deere 3025E proves itself to be an efficient and versatile tractor when paired with a variety of implements and adding the right attachment takes it a step further. We have compiled a list of the best attachments for your money that can upgrade your experience with the 3025E compact tractor.

300E Loader

No tractor is complete without a compatible loader. The 300E is a must-have for the 3025E to help with several tasks including loading and transferring materials. This loader has a lift capacity of 845 lb, enough to handle your most daunting tasks. You can also upgrade to the mechanical self-leveling loader, to automatically maintain an even load. Use the standard bucket attachment, or choose from other loader options such as a pallet fork or a grapple.

iMatch Quick-Hitch

The iMatch Quick-Hitch feature is optional for every 3025E tractor, but we highly recommend it. With the iMatch, connecting implements is quick and easy so you can spend less time attaching and more time working. This hitch works with all Category 1 implements.

Ballast Box

For greater stability and traction, consider adding a ballast box to your compact tractor. Ballasting provides your tractor with extra weight to improve its overall performance when operating. This can be very helpful when working on rugged terrain or lifting heavy loads.

LED Work Light Kit

Unlock optimal visibility when working early mornings and late evenings with the LED Work Light Kit. The lights provide extra visibility for low light conditions and have 180-degree rotation to face forward or backward. The kit comes with two lights and mounting hardware for an easy set-up.

Cruise Control Kit

Operating your 3025E can be even easier with the cruise control kit. With cruise control, you can get a more automated experience by setting the tractor at constant speed. This can be useful for jobs where constant motion is needed such as mowing or tilling.

Engine Coolant Heater Kit

Harsh weather can make your machine work extra harder to perform tasks. The engine coolant heater kit gives your tractor a boost in cold winter months, providing warmth to the engine for an easy start.

The 3025E is designed to provide plenty of power and efficiency for daily tasks and these attachments are designed to elevate your experience. For further details on how these additions can elevate your operations, don't hesitate to contact us or drop by your nearest dealer.