StarFireTM 3000 and StarFireTM 6000 receivers must be updated to the 20-2 software update to continue operating into the future. Update all receivers prior to February 1, 2021, to avoid any interruption in function.

StarFireTM iTC receivers will not function on the new signal beginning February 1, 2021, but will continue to operate in WAAS, EGNOS, or Non-Diff (depending on location) until approximately 2026.

Below are instructional documents and demonstration videos for all types of receivers needing updated through the displays with a USB drive or over the air or data card.

StarFire 3000 Receivers

2600 - GS2

USB Process

StarFire 6000 Receivers 

2600 - GS2

USB Process

Integrated SF6000 Receiver


Over the Air Process

4600 Command Center USB Process

4640 Display USB Process